The information on this webpage pertains to the Class B stock owned by members of Mastercard International Incorporated.


Upcoming Blackout periods for the Open Conversion Program

Conversion and Sale Instruction forms - submitted between January 3, 2018 and January 9, 2018 will be reviewed upon receipt, and if approved, the stock tendered will be converted on January 10, 2018.

Conversion and Transfer Instruction forms - No Blackout Period.


Our transfer agent, Computershare, maintains Class B owners’ accounts. Mastercard Class B common stockholders can register for access to their Computershare account by contacting Mastercard Governance (contact details below). Once you have registered, to access your stockholder account visit

Shareholder Services 
2000 Purchase Street 
Purchase, NY 10577
(914) 249 4099

Mastercard’s Class B Common Stock Voluntary Conversion Program – the Open Conversion Program is now in operation.

Click here for a detailed Description of the Open Conversion Program. Click here for Open Conversion Program FAQs. Participants must complete forms obtained from Computershare’s website and submit them by mail to Computershare. Prior activation of access to Computershare’s website is required.

The Guide to Class B Stock Ownership, Trading and Conversion was revised in December 2015 –

Please consult the "Guide to Class B Stock Ownership, Trading and Conversion" for important information about the rights and responsibilities of Mastercard Class B stockholders, the procedures and forms to transfer stock, update stockholder information and convert Class B stock into Class A stock for prompt disposition to the public.

Guide to Class B stock Ownership, Trading and Conversion

Dividend and Sale Proceeds Payment Delivery Options for Mastercard Class B Stockholders

Open Conversion Program Summary

Open Conversion Program FAQs

Chronology of Mastercard Incorporated Stock Issuance



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